And if you want then you can also execute some code conditionally depending on the environment variables value. For example, consider the following Configure() method of Startup.cs file. Run the application and it should display the project name as the worker process name as shown in the below image as the request is internally handled by Kestrel Web Server. IIS Express will receive the incoming HTTP Requests and then forward the request to the internal web server i.e. Now change the AspNetCoreHostingModel element value to InProcess in the application’s project file as shown below.

how asp net works

To do so, right-click on the project name in Solution Explorer and then select the “Properties” option from the context menu. Once you open the project properties window, click on the “Debug” tab on the as shown in the below image. Once you click on the create button, then it will open the Create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application window. From this window, you need to select the Empty Project template and uncheck all the checkboxes from the Advanced section.


The main difference between compiled and interpreted code lies in its execution. The interpreted code is not directly executed by the machine – it first has to be read and interpreted, and then we get to the execution part. Unlike PHP, JavaScript and Ruby (which fall under the “interpreted code“ category), compiled code doesn’t demand that extra step. This usually makes it faster and more scalable for development.

With version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, it was first released in January 2002. So a question comes to mind that which technology we were using before the year 2002 for developing web applications and services? Answer is Classic ASP. So before .NET and ASP.NET there was Classic ASP. ASP.NET applications are compiled codes, written using the extensible and reusable components or objects present in .Net framework. These codes can use the entire hierarchy of classes in .Net framework. We already set the AspNetCoreHostingModel element value to InProcess.

  • ASP.NET makes the internet as a software platform much easier to manage web programming.
  • ASP.Net is written in .Net languages and has an Apache license.
  • It checks if the environment is Development, then it is going to display the Developer Exception Page.
  • The ASP.NET runtime transforms the .aspx page into an instance of a class, which inherits from the base class page of the .Net framework.
  • Every element in is an object which runs on the server.
  • In order to ensure that our solutions actually meet our clients’ needs and preferences, we use a wide variety of different coding languages and frameworks.

Also, to create web applications ASP.NET provide the 3 development styles which are ASP.NET Web Pages, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms. Depending on what project type you choose, it’s possible to have several DLL files for the web application, changing in every build – see dash’s answer for more details. The settings that are present within this file are going to be used when we run the .NET core application either from Visual Studio or by using .NET Core CLI.

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Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. He should have deep knowledge of the core framework. The script engine runs the server-side script it encounters from top to bottom of the file. Allowing WYSIWYG editing of pages, its features server controls can separate the code from the content.

how asp net works

ASP.NET pages have the extension .aspx and are normally written in C# . Classic ASP pages have the file extension .asp and are normally written in VBScript. ASP was introduced in 1998 as Microsoft’s first server side scripting language. Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server.

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ASP.NET web forms extend the event-driven model of interaction to the web applications. The browser submits a web form to the web server and the server returns a full markup page or HTML page in response. ASP.NET is used to produce interactive, data-driven web applications over the internet. It consists of a large number of controls such as text boxes, buttons, and labels for assembling, configuring, and manipulating code to create HTML pages.

Many companies have invested in MS Windows and so they choose to do their web development within that environment. The Dot Net technology is still widely used in the corporate sector. Since Share IT works with a lot of enterprise-level business, we tend to look at ASP.NET as our golden goose. It contains the specifications for the .Net supported languages and implementation of language integration. Classes, interfaces, structures, and enumerated values, which are collectively called types. ASP.NET works on top of the HTTP protocol, and uses the HTTP commands and policies to set a browser-to-server bilateral communication and cooperation.

how asp net works

Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use,cookie and privacy policy. You are asking about the HTTP Pipeline and how IIS responds to user requests for pages. Read for more information. In the old days, for classic ASP, the script used to be embedded in your page – a mix of code and HTML, and was interpreted at runtime. All of the code is now in the dll’s in the bin folder of the website.


Not only this may help companies, but organizations and technocrats are also using technology for web development as Microsoft has a really good strategy for .net development in the future. As a process, the request is received by the web server, i.e. IIS, which in return gives the appropriate file from memory. Simplify the code required to implement common page-focused patterns, e.g. dynamic pages, CRUD forms, etc.

Now for processing of the file, it is redirected to the script engine for the further task by the webserver. Through an URL, a request is sent for an file by a web browser to the webserver. First, use IIS Express as the lunch profile by selecting IIS Express from the drop-down list as shown below. First, open Visual Studio 2019 and then click on the “Create a new project” box as shown in the below image.

how asp net works

In addition to everything mentioned above, ASP.NET also helps cut down costs. As you probably know, software development is a pricey game. Back in the day, development companies had to pay for expensive software in order to build applications. In addition, coding with ASP.NET allows them to control state management, which tends to be a nightmare to code. With ASP.NET, developers can also implement the concept of caching. The performance of the application can be significantly improved if pages which are often requested by users – get cached and stored in a temporary location.

When a user requests an ASP.NET page, the IIS delegates the processing of the page to the ASP.NET runtime system. ASP.NET is built on the CLR which allows the programmers to execute its code using any .NET language(C#, VB etc.). It is specially designed to work with HTTP and for web developers to create dynamic web pages, web applications, web sites, and web services as it provides a good integration of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. ASP.NET makes the internet as a software platform much easier to manage web programming.

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ASP.NET is the web development model and AJAX is an extension of ASP.NET for developing and implementing AJAX functionality. ASP.NET AJAX contains the components that allow the developer to update data on a website without a complete reload of the page. Metadata is the binary information describing the program, which is either stored in a portable executable file or in the asp net usage memory. Assembly is a logical unit consisting of the assembly manifest, type metadata, IL code, and a set of resources like image files. It performs memory management, exception handling, debugging, security checking, thread execution, code execution, code safety, verification, and compilation. The code that is directly managed by the CLR is called the managed code.

Once you click on the Next button, then it will open the “Configure Your New Project” window. Here, you need to give the name for your project, set the location of your project, give the solution name. In this example, I will give the name “FirstCoreWebApplication” and then click on the Create button as shown in the image below. In order to ensure that our solutions actually meet our clients’ needs and preferences, we use a wide variety of different coding languages and frameworks. It is the technology used for working with data and databases.

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It checks if the environment is Development, then it is going to display the Developer Exception Page. In our upcoming articles, we are going to discuss more these environment variables. The value of the commandNameproperty of the launchSettings.json file can be any one of the following.

Low cost, High Speed, and vast language support are among the most significant benefits of using Asp.NET. So the Razor Pages development model is designed solely to simplify development of server-side web applications. Everything you can do with MVC, you can also do with Razor Pages. In fact, using Razor Pages makes developing complex sites simpler, because you don’t have to work with multiple folders when working on a single feature. Using the Graphical User Interface, you can also change the settings of the launchSettings.json file. Now here you can see that the Environment Variable“ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT”is set to“Development”.

The web applications which are developed using the .NET framework or its subsets required to execute under the Microsoft Internet Information Services on the server side. The work of IIS is to provide the web application’s generated HTML code result to the client browser which initiates the request as shown in the below diagram. The rest two cases we will discuss in a later article when we host the application using IIS. If you want then you can also change the settings of the launchSettings.json file using the Graphical User Interface provided by Visual Studio. When we use the CommandName as Project in the launchSettings.json file, then ASP.NET Core is going to ignore the AspNetCoreHostingModel value.

Please make sure to select .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 3.1 from the respective dropdown list and finally click on the Create button as shown in the below image. Once you click on the Create a new project box, then it will open the Create a new project window. From this window, you need to select the ASP.NET Core Web Application template and then click on the Next button as shown in the below image. This app can also be downloaded for free for non-corporate usage. In today’s world, almost any type of code can be written with the help of free software.